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A sporadically updated chronicle of Dave Becker's summer 2005 ramble among Minor League ballparks.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Famous potatoes

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – Well, so far, the Frontier League is batting 1.000 for rustic, small-town baseball charm. McDermott Field, home of the Idaho Falls Chukars, is lovely little park that showing its decades of wear, but in a nice way. Set in a quiet residential district a few blocks from the Mormon Temple, the park draws a solid crowd of devoted fans, plus a few guys watching the game from the balcony of their apartment.

(For those who haven’t spent much time in the intermountain West, by the way, the chukar is small gamebird similar to a grouse and widely sought by hunters. Tastes like chicken.)

Among the few quirks at McDermott are an odd layout that includes a few rows of reserved seats perched right on top of the dugout, like an island. Also, it’s apparently near a glider airport, so every few innings you get to watch one make lazy pirouettes over the outfield.
Idaho Falls is apparently in the midst or raising money for a new ballpark. I’d say all they need is a new coat of green paint for the fine little facility they already have.


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